Human Body 3D Scan

Your 3D model at your fingertips!

Using your mobile device camera and the scanning application, your body is scanned in a matter of minutes and a high-quality detailed 3D model is generated, available on your mobile for 360-degree visualization.

The resulting 3D model can be integrated both in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications.

Virtual Fitting Room

The virtual fitting room is a fashion dedicated application allowing the user to try unlimited

clothing items from the comfort of their home. The process is quite simple, involving several basic steps:

  • Your body 3D scan is generated using dedicated human body 3D scanners
  • The data is processed and the 3D model is generated in cloud
  • The 3D model is transferred to your mobile device
  • You access the clothes collection and select the item to be tried
  • The rendered 3D model with the selected cloth is generated The resulting output can be delivered as 3D images or video files, allowing you to see yourself from any angle in the augmented or virtual reality environments. You can also post and share the result so you can have your friend’s opinion on the item you are trying.