Fashion Products Advertise Service

Nepox advertising services for the fashion companies products through Nepox virtual fitting rooms.

Our users benefiting from Nepox 3D body scan technology, will access our virtual fitting room and try a selection of fashion items.

The fashion items will be proposed by the companies contracting Nepox advertising services. Once the end-user tries  an item and he wants to purchase it, he will be redirected to the company eShop for order submission.

Nepox Virtual Stylist will display a specific selection of fashion items, in accordance with existing advertising contracts.

Human 3D body Scan & Virtual Fitting Room API Service

Nepox Human 3D Body Scan & Virtual Fitting room available as B2B API service.

Companies can use our virtual fitting room API in their mobile, desktop or web applications, depending on what best answers your business marketing and sales strategy.

Your buyers can take advantage from all the Virtual Fitting Room benefits, enabling them easy access to your entire fashion line.