Human Body 3D Scan Smart Phone Service

Human body 3D scanning is available as a smartphone service. We provide API solutions to fashion sector companies to integrate fashion sector apps with Nepox AI technologies, giving 3D scan possibilities to anyone with a smartphone and internet connection.

Human Body 3D Scan Enterprise Service

Enterprise scan customers are recommended the handheld accurate 3D depth scan camera or scanning cubicle depending on service needs. We install devices to transform traditional fitting rooms within 2 weeks into dual use virtual scanning and traditional fitting rooms. Local GPU enabled machines are also available for the use of in-store computing, depending if clients wish to localise computation or use Nepox cloud computing services.

Virtual Fitting Room & Virtual Stylist Service

The third service is the virtual fitting room, equipped with the M/AISHA virtual stylist. We provide the API to operate our virtual fitting room capabilities and the management of it for apps to be used in smartphone, TV, web, PC & tablets as well as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality devices.