Our Technology

Nepox 3D Infrastructure

Nepox Cloud Computing Technology is offering companies around the world total support in terms of consulting, developing and delivering innovative technology solutions, in diverse areas, as follows:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Deep Learning
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual reality
  • 3D Scanning & Rendering

If technology is hard to handle for you, we are here to help you take advantage of it and align technology to your business goals, while you can focus on your day to day business.

Our expertise targets various industries, like eLearning, construction industry, marketing, sales, real estate, etc.

Nepox 3D Infrastructure - Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence represents the human intelligence simulation by digital computer or controlled robots, for processes such as learning, reasoning, generalizing, meaning discovery, or auto-correction, making the computer capable of performing tasks which are normally associated to human intelligence.

Nepox 3D Infrastructure - Deep Learning

Deep learning is a specific type of machine learning algorithms based on artificial neural networks, with greater flexibility and increased power, capable of learning and representing the world as a hierarchy of inter-related concepts, each concept splitting in more simple ones.

Nepox 3D Infrastructure - Augmented Reality

Augmented reality represents a particularly type of VR, in which our real environment is combined with the digital world, overlapping computer generated elements over real images, using the existing surroundings. The software is analyzing the physical elements and generate the position for artificial, simulated ones.

Nepox 3D Infrastructure - Virtual Reality

Virtual reality represents the software generating artificial environment in which the user can interact through a computer or other specialized equipment. The basic VR is represented by a 3D digital image which can be manipulated by the user, while more complex VR environments involved dedicated wearable computers, sensors, additional equipment generating other dimensions, like wind, water, movement, etc.

Nepox 3D Infrastructure - 3D Rendering

The 3D rendering is a creative process consists in generating an image using three-dimensional data and information available in a computer. It’s a process similar to filming or photography, being able to produce imaginary movies or images based on the stored data.

Nepox 3D Infrastructure - 3D Scanning

The 3D body scanner can generate a 3D model of the scanned body in just some seconds, accessible on a computer or mobile phone. The model can be an exact copy of the body being scanned in terms of colors and texture, or only a cloud of dots generating the body shape.